AOE media GmbH

AOE media is a market leader in the provision of TYPO3 services to its many corporate and institutional
clients worldwide. Our enthusiastic band of more than 80 highly qualified developers/programmers has
installed many hundreds of TYPO3-based Enterprise Content Management solutions worldwide.

As a TYPO3 service provider, AOE media was among the first to apply TYPO3 services to big-scale
projects for major commercial customers, implementing complex e-commerce and Open Source Business
applications in TYPO3.

In addition, our R&D program has contributed to the advancing development and widening acceptance of this
Open Source CMS standard.

Some of the contributors from our team include:

Kian T. Gould (CEO):
Head of Marketing & Fundraising for the TYPO3 Association

Daniel Pötzinger (CIO):
Maintainer and developer of over 40 modules (incl. staticpub, linkhandler, realURL, languagevisibility,
l10nmanager, crawler, ldap_browser and many more)

Oliver Hader:
Release Manager for TYPO3 4.3 & 4.4

Tolleiv Nietsch:
Lead developer for TemplaVoilá and major contributor to l10nmanager

Fabrizio Branca:

Contributor of dozens of popular extensions

Michael Klapper:
Developer of the new TV Templating wizard and backend search module for 4.4

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