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Development of the TYPO3 Phoenix User Interface with Ext JS

Christopher Hlubek, Nils Dehl
Author Description:
Christopher Hlubek is a member of the TYPO3 5.0 core team and contributor to the FLOW3 project. Besides doing open source work he is one of the CEOs and founders of networkteam GmbH, an agency specialized in TYPO3 and webprojects.
The implementation of the revolutionary Phoenix UI is a real challenge for an extensible and modular architecture. Ext JS is a mature JavaScript GUI component framework with many rich components that help implementing many UI elements. Besides the components there aren't many parts or official guidelines for structuring bigger applications with Ext JS. For the problem at hand we needed to invent solutions for an architecture that provides a solid base for the current and future development of the Phoenix core. With the flexibility of TYPO3 4.x in mind we want to provide a feature-rich API for package authors to extend the GUI in a safe and maintainable way.

In our talk we will describe the current state of development, possible solutions for the problems and an architectural overview of the Phoenix UI implementation. Another interesting detail is the connection of Ext JS to the server-side FLOW3 MVC layer with a fully integrated Ext Direct connector.
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