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The TYPO3 certification - the benefits of a certified integrator

Sebastian Böttger & Patrick Lobacher
Author Description:
Sebastian Böttger is CEO of the Munich Agency Cross Content Media for Online Business Solutions GmbH. He is taking part in the TYPO3 project as member of the certification and the security team.
While TYPO3 became the world leading Open Source Content Management System there is an high demand for experts who can setup and configure TYPO3 in a professional manner. A solid base of knowledge and experience is needed to integrate and manage a website in terms of professionalism, performance and cost-effectiveness.

With the official "TYPO3 Integrator Certification" - which is a great success - there is a defacto standard for measuring TYPO3 integration knowledge and experience.  About 600 people from all over the world are already certified with a growing demand.

This talk explains in detail what are the benefits to do the exam and/or to recruit a "Certified Integrator".
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Business, Orientation, Community
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