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Building a large eCommerce application with Extbase, Fluid and Apache Solr

Clemens Kalb, Lienhart Woitok
Extbase and Fluid are the “state of the art” when it comes to building extensions within TYPO3 4.x.
They promise higher quality in less time, but with little real-world experience, will they be able to keep word when it comes to building more than a simple proof-of-concept application?

We took the challenge and built a complex eCommerce application based on Extbase and Fluid that serves thousands of products, individual product configurations and complex price calculations based on product attributes, daily rates and customer-individual discounts.
In replacing an existing tx_commerce based solution, the customer expected more flexibility, better user experience and short time-to-market for future requirements.

To achieve this flexibility, we based our extension on the BMEcat standard as a generic domain model. Originating as an XML-standard for product catalogues, BMEcat is a future-proof and field-proven model suiting all kinds of products.

We also integrated Apache Solr into the Extbase persistence layer to be able to search and facet all product data, achieving better performance than traditional, relational query mechanisms.

In this talk we will share our first-hand experience gained during the project: How can Extbase and Fluid be utilized to efficiently build next generation web applications and what are the showstoppers, if any?
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