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Continuous Deployment of TYPO3 Projects

Daniel Pötzinger
Author Description:
Daniel Pötzinger has more than six years of TYPO3 experience under his belt and has worked on more than 80 TYPO3 extensions. Within the T3 Community he is considered an expert on Core Module subjects such as TemplaVoilá, as well as Language Fallbacks, Visibility and MVC. He is a skillful hand at developing clean solutions with a particular love of elegant, easily maintained and reusable coding. Daniel is always open for new project and development methods, such as Agile Software development.
Did you know that deploys 3 times a day?

Running sucessful websites is also a question of how fast you can deliver new features. This talk explains the basic processes and steps that you need, in order to have a continous deployment.

Having a simple "deploy" button that delivers new releases of a TYPO3 project is not easy. This talk will cover things like:
- required continuous integration builds and environments
- settings management
- usage of Hudson for continuous integration and continuous testing
- SVN structure and backup management
- steps that you need in order to build a fresh and deployable TYPO3 project as well as delta deployment packages
- the deployment pipeline of a real project

Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
Target OS:
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