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How to improve quality of your TYPO3 extension(s)

Mike Zaschka, Christian Trabold
When it comes to the quality of a new build or existing TYPO3 extension, it is not easy to provide a good and reliable opinion.
"It just works" may be acceptable for the moment but without having and obtaining standards for security, coding guidelines and much more, there is a high risk, that the extension will break at some time in the future.
And even if there are standards, how can they be easily integrated in the development process without affecting the developers productivity?

In this talk we will explain how we at d.k.d Internet Service GmbH organize Quality Assurance for TYPO3 extensions using our Continuous Integration process.
We will give an overview of what is possible to improve and maintain the code quality of a basic TYPO3 extension with the Continuous Integration server Hudson using existing PHP- and Ruby-Tools.
We will show how easy it is to kickstart a fully working CI environment and also provide some real world examples for standard tasks in our development cycle.


We want to show the audience how they can use existing tools to reduce the pain and costs in their development process and make sure that extensions match certain standards.

We provide anwers for: How to get instant feedback for the quality of your extension? How do you setup a CI Server with Hudson?
Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
Target OS:
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