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Innovative TYPO3 based communication solutions

Prof. Dr. Aleksander Szábo
Author Description:
Prof. Dr. Aleksander Szábo got in contact with TYPO3 in 2005. Immediatly he
was enthused by this great CMS. He lectures communication strategie at
several German and international universities and institutions. The focus in
his scientific work are: future of (new) media and communication, newsletter
and social media marketing, online trade.
As chairman of the "Society For Open Source Communication", based in Berlin,
he tries to raise the public awareness for open source solutions and to
network with political parties, organizations and companies. So through his
work he changed several communication strategies, IT and web solutions for
industry and political projects to open source software, and assigned, in
his interfational function open source providing companies to realize.
The way of communication is changing nearly every day. Almost every forecast
is obsolete the date it's been released.
First in my talk, I would like to give a short introduction in a humanistic
explanation of the trends in the change of communication.
In a resaearch project with students from Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen, we
developed a cutting edge news format called "WeStop". The function is as
simple as efficient: witnessing news as user of the site. The TYPO3 platform
based site offers several options to learn more about issue context and
offers the highest anonymity.
Next, I would like to give an overwiev about a TYPO3 based lab organization
system, which allows communication from blue chip companies to universites
and small or medium-sized business.
Concluding I will give a presentation of several results of the research in
inclusive school schedules (coeducational programs for disabeld and
unhindered pupils), in collaboration with the Catholic University Of Applied
Sciences and the realization on a TYPO3 based Combined Learning System.
Target Audience:
Business, Orientation, Community
Target OS:
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