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Easy TYPO3 backend – University of Eindhoven

Rogier Hosman
Author Description:
In 1999 together with Dennis Reurings I founded, Drecomm Internet Intelligence. A company focussing on Content Management and OpenSource. With a background of business administration my knowledge of technique and programming was limited. On the other hand my knowledge of business processes and marketing helped out in the search for the best solutions for our clients. Due to this lack of technical knowledge I was able to really focus on the end user and his day to day struggle in using newly introduced techniques.

In the almost 10 years of our companies existance we were pleased to work for widely known companies like PPG, Procter & Gamble and the Rabobank each with its own customer specific challenges. With offices in Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Groningen we are a well known player in opensource integrations and especially TYPO3.

In my dailly activities as a customer consultant my main focus is still getting technique to work for users, while I often see the opposite happen. In the many TYPO3 implementations I have been involved with so far I am still getting excited seeing TYPO3 open new possiblities for our clients and watching clients getting excited learning more about TYPO3.

In my personal life I try to stay away from the internet, although I am not always successful in this I live a happy life with my girfriend our dog and three horses in the country side.
Typo3 is very flexible and powerful. Rarely you come in a situation that TYPO3 does not provide the right tools or elements to do the job. The downside of all this flexibility is that often TYPO3 gets the name of being complex and user unfriendly.

Based on the case study “TYPO3 for the Univesity of Eindhoven ' we would like to show a alternative flow of content publishing using the extension “Content Creation Templates'. This extension not only provides a very simplified way of content maintenance, but also changes the way you built more complex websites with a larger number of editors. TU Eindhoven works with over 100 editors maintaining thousands of pages. How do you manage all editors to start without an extensive training and heaving the website consistant over time.

Highlights during the presentation:
* How to configure TYPO3 in a way that the editors not working in TYPO3 daily can edit their content without the need of extensive training
* Process of modeling your websites content structure
* Building back-end entry templates
* Compatibility of CCT templates with all exhisting TYPO3 content and extensions

Advantages using CCT based content:
* Editors get easy content entry templates
* Content entry templates can have all types of content or plugins fields combined in one form
* Easily built record listings
* Use your own logical fieldnames (for exhisting TYPO3 fields)
* Easily create back-end entry templates without programming or TYPOscript
Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
Target OS:
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