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A custom, really easy to use TYPO3 backend based on ExtJS

Jan-Erik Revsbech
Author Description:
Jan-Erik is founder, and now working CEO in MOC Systems. He has been working with TYPO3 since 2001 and has deep insight into the codebase of TYPO3, and through MOC Systems, has a large amount of TYPO3 implementations behind him.
Today he works mainly with securing delivery of some of MOC Systems larger TYPO3 implementation, and with the technical management of MOC Systems developers.
Recent progress of TYPO3 backend usability is really changing the way we see TYPO3 as a tool for a large variety of editors, from tech-savy "superusers" to once-in-a-while average users with no particular technical insight.
However we recently faced a project where the editors needed an even simpler, and in many cases much less versatile backend. Many features of the TYPO3 backend were not needed, but the ones that were, needed to be dead-simple. The editors requiring this simplicity are all members of a large danish political parti running for government, and thus the candidates are busy campaigning, and need a system that facilitates fast and easy editing of their websites.

In order to provide this, we developed a new custom ExtJS (now Sencha) based backend programmed in close collaboration with a representative of the client. We will show how its possible to use TYPO3 combined with a custom backend for uses requiring this sort of extremely simplistic (but feature limited) editing. The talk will focus on how the clients requirements were met and how he full project was completed as an agile project during a very intensive 2 month period using SCRUM.

We will demonstrate an online tutorial of the system, and for those interested, a peek inside the codebase will be given.
Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
Target OS:
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