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SCRUM in a TYPO3 project and support organisation

Jesper Scheuer Nielsen
Author Description:
Jesper Scheuer is working as the head of projects for the Danish based TYPO3 consultancy MOC Systems.

Jesper has a background as an engineer from the Technical University of Denmark and has since worked for IBM as a project- and program manager for a couple of years before joining MOC Systems in 2008.

SCRUM has over a period of years come into play as an attractive alternative to the traditional way of organising the development of IT-projects. With the aim of empowering developers, enhancing productivity and deliver better project it has been adapted in large and small companies alike.

This talk shares the experiences of trying to implement SCRUM as an development framework as well as an organisational structure in a TYPO3 consultancy.

The talk will touch upon the experiences we have had in MOC systems with implementing some of the key SCRUM processes, roles and artefacts such as Sprint Planning, Review and Retrospective, SCRUM Master, Products Owner and not least the Daily SCRUM.

Finally we will talk about how we have adapted the concept to make if fit into our needs and wishes.
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Content and Designer, Fluid, Project MNG
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