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FLOW3 Security Framework applied to TYPO3 Phoenix

Andreas Förthner
Author Description:
Andreas Förthner, born in 1985, lives in Nuremberg - Germany. He studied computer science at the university of Erlangen and has been working with TYPO3 in many customer projects since 2003 for netlogix GmbH & Co. KG in Nuremberg.
Since summer 2007 he is part of the TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3 Core Team and after some general development mostly in the MVC part he designed the security framework for FLOW3 as it exists for now.
In the last years a flexible security infrastructure has been developed as a part of the FLOW3 framework. With TYPO3 Phoenix as the primary target application it covers different authentication mechanisms, declarative access enforcement, content security and more. It has also been designed to fulfill the requirements of any other complex web application.
This talk shows how the FLOW3 Security Framework is employed to make TYPO3 Phoenix a secure web application.
The presented topics include security for accessing controllers and business logic, protecting content as well as making the policy rules transparently affect your website or the ExtJS based TYPO3 Phoenix Backend user interface.
As a bonus we will - once and for all - solve the problem of secure downloads in web applications.
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