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Help TYPO3 to help your company!

Jonas Dübi
Author Description:
Jonas Dübi is co-owner and head of development at cab services ag in Basel. Since over eight years his job is all about TYPO3. He was able to form a great team of seven experienced TYPO3 developers and to create the processes needed for an efficient TYPO3 company. With his team he realized some of the biggest TYPO3 projects in Switzerland. In his spare time he is working as a skydive instructor and spends a lot of time up in the air.
As a completely community driven software, TYPO3 is all about helping developers, companies, sponsors and customers. All around TYPO3 you find companies making a profit out of it and developers having their jobs based on it.

This talk should show you how easy it is to help TYPO3 and how much you can win in this game if you play it the right way.

If you are a decision maker within your company the talk finally shows you why and how you can support TYPO3 without loosing resources and time. As a developer or employee this talk should give you the necessary arguments to convince the decision makers in your company.

Several real live examples will be presented which show the huge benefit you can get out of helping TYPO3!

You'll be faster in development, you'll be able to serve better services to your customers and most important the future of your business foundation will be secured.
Target Audience:
Business, Orientation, Community
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