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Migrating from Drupal to TYPO3

David J. Kordsmeier
Author Description:
David J. Kordsmeier, from AOE media Inc., is Director of Sales for The Americas. David is a technologist, and has worked at top companies in the Silicon Valley in the Enterprise and Mobile space, including: Sun Microsystems, Aplix Corporation, Silicon Graphics, and Apple Computer. David is an expert in Web Content Management Systems, as well as the Mobile ecosystem.
Do you have a client or a site stuck on Drupal 5 or Drupal 6? As most people who work with Drupal know, it is very difficult to migrate between versions of Drupal. The system does little to support an operations team in migration of the system, handling of security patches, or even simply upgrading specific modules. The problem is compounded by inter-module dependency, with an issue with a single module upgrade that can cause the entire site to crash. This paper will discuss some best practices to support migration from a Drupal site to TYPO3, with a case study that you can download and try on your own LAMP stack.
Target Audience:
Business, Orientation, Community
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