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(Multi-) Touch Me – the HTML5 way!

Reimar Kosack and Robert Zinner
Author Description:
Reimar Kosack is the CEO and founder of wwsc GmbH who lives and works in Weimar.
He studied Media Design at Bauhaus University. Since 1999 he and his team are developing corporate websites and intranets. Many projects include the use of interactive elements. Reimar himself is specialized in developing rich internet application and their connection to Typo3-Dbs.
Along with the new devices there are new ways developing of how to handle and operate them. MouseOver, screen orientation, and screen sizes do vary extremely.

Still more and more end devices pop up and are equipped with multitouch-surfaces.
Robert will talk about the new possibilities from the view of an online-art-director. How does this affect the usability of current websites? What things do we have to adopt?

On the basis of demos Reimar will show how contents, CSS, JS and HTML can be combined (from a TYPO3 technical point of view) - to assure an optimized “FEEL” for the iPad as well as for other devices.

All demos will be released for the conference.

Robert Zinner, head of creation team of Art-Kon-Tor Kommunikation GmbH, is not just all about the perfect combination of concept, design and customer needs.
“Creating a real communicative added value is the big challenge.” says Zinner, whose been working in the media- and communication-design sector since 1996.
“My knowledge and experiences from working in this branch of classic and digital media helps me to advise customers in a comprehensive way, develop interfacial media-concepts and contemporary visual appearances. My biggest motivation is to astonish customers by developing new ideas and help new exciting projects come to live.”

Target Audience:
Content and Designer, Fluid, Project MNG
Target OS:
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