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How we did it: Apache Solr for TYPO3. Collecting ideas, partners and money in an open source world

Olivier Dobberkau, Ingo Schmitt, Cyril Wolfangel and Michiel Roos
Author Description:
42 years old CEO of d.k.d Internet Service GmbH, Frankfurt.
Using TYPO3 for more than 300 Projects in 10 years. His alterego is the wellknown "Reverend Neverend" an avid TYPO3 evangelist with a special eye and ear for the community.
The common open source business model in the TYPO3 world is to publish a TYPO3 extension and offer services or additions to it. Where as this works with small to midsize extensions, larger additional function blocks to TYPO3 seem not to emerge by this approach. Several tries initialize development by calling to participate in a funding of central functions eroded or did not bring the wished results.

Having made the experience from other large extensions maintained by dkd (Directmail) we tried to approach this problem in a different way.

In this talk we will explain how we organized the funding for the TYPO3 Extension Apache Solr that add enterprise search capacities to TYPO3 Version 4.x.

We will give a short overview of the development made and how we manage to convince partners and customers to invest in an unfinished and evolving open source product.

A short overview of the implementations done by some partners will display the different environments of usage and thus the required flexibility needed in the general project approach.

We are aware of the implications of a such alternative development model and would like to discuss with the audience about our commitment to open source and how we are involving the community around this project.

Hopefully we can inspire people to share their needs in creating an approach to initiate further developments for TYPO3.
Target Audience:
Business, Orientation, Community
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