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The Meaningful TYPO3 - Emerging Semantic Web Technologies.

Jo Hasenau, Jochen Rau
With the upcoming Web 3.0 semantic functions will be one of the key features of any future WCMS.

TYPO3 v5 is based on a new content model where everything is content and everything is semantically well structured.
This paves the way for the emerging Web 3.0, but this is not only about Semantic Web for the upcoming TYPO3 v5
but also for the current v4 branch as we intend to make these technologies also available in v4.

Last year we introduced a project for a generic system in TYPO3 v4 that deals with S-emantics, C-ategories, O-ntologies, T-ags and T-axonomies and set it up on
The acronym is : SCOTTY and of course there shouldn't be an Enterprise CMS without having SCOTTY on board.

At this year's developer days in Elmshorn, Germany, the SCOTTY team has been formed during an initial workshop that lasted a whole day.
The outcome was very promising and we already formed different task forces to work on the roadmap, the database model, the backend interface and of course a smooth transition from SCOTTY in TYPO3 v4 to Semantics in TYPO3 v5.

During this talk we are going to show you our plans for upcoming versions of TYPO3, how semantic features will succeed the relations currently used by the core and of course how this can generate a return on investment for your clients and possible sponsors.

In the first part we are going to address the real world use cases for semantic web in TYPO3 from a more business oriented point of view.

Some examples:

- Let Google know - not guess - what your "Golf" site is about (a sport or a car?)
- Aggregate your content on the fly (aspect oriented or facet browsing).
- Intelligent search (mashed up information from many sites).
- Provide semantically enriched information embedded in HTML (Microformats).
- Seamingless integration into the workflow of the editors (semantic content editing with the new ALOHA editor).
- Create your own Taxonomies and/or Ontologies and merge them with user generated content and feedback like tags and comments, to gain valuable information about your target groups.
- Export your content without loosing the semantic meaning (as turtle, n3, xml)
- Query content using a semantic query language (SPARQL): "Find all articles in the system about a topic that was on the frontpage of Wikipedia in the last 2 months and was edited by a person that won the Pulitzer Price".
- Developers can use an Ontology Driven Design approach: "What you mean is what you implement."

We will have a short coffee break before we switch to the more technical part.

In the second part we will dig deeper into the necessary semantic web technologies like the database model, RDF triples and other standards being used by SCOTTY, Extbase and V5 and outline the necessary steps to integrate these technologies into TYPO3 v4/v5.


To the organizers: This might be a business and/or development track, so we are not yet sure where to put it.
Target Audience:
Content and Designer, Fluid, Project MNG
Target OS:
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