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The Tesseract Project: display any piece of information in your web site

Fran├žois Suter, David Mendez
Author Description:
I have been working with TYPO3 since 2004 in a web agency called Cobweb, based in Geneva, Switzerland. I started participating in the development of TYPO3 as soon as the Core mailing list was opened to the public and joined the Core Team in December 2008. I am also very active in maintaining and improving the TYPO3 documentation.

Besides my work on the Core I have published a number of extensions over the years.
When creating web sites there's a simple requirement that needs to be over and over again: display lists of some pieces of information (possibly with sorting and filtering), view details and maybe cross-link to other pieces of information. This is particularly true nowadays as companies are trying to be more transparent and publish a lot of internal information onto their web sites.

The traditional answer to this requirement has been to develop specific extensions for each type of data. The Tesseract Project is a suite of extensions (which should be public by the time of the conference) that provides a simple though flexible framework for displaying any kind of data without developing an extension for each them.

The Tesseract Project is used in production on such large web sites as Manpower Switzerland SA, the Geneva City Council and the International Motorcycling Federation.
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