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Integration and Extension of the Aloha Editor

Clemens Prerovsky
Author Description:
Clemens is working as a Software Developer for Gentics Software GmbH since five years, and has dedicated most of his last year's creative energy into contriving, shaping and finally implementing Gentics' new HTML5 web editor Aloha. He's also got two years of Typo3 experience, and boasts over ten years of web development knowledge. Alongside to his work he studies Business Informatics at the FH Technikum Wien.
They way editors can create, manipulate and publish their contents is crucial to every content management system. Many systems fail when it comes to presenation right at the time of creation, and this is where Aloha steps in to claim its standing as the most usable web editor to date.

This talk outlines the general concept of Aloha as well as why and how it surpasses comparable editors in terms of technology and usability. I'll demonstrate how easy it is to develop your own plugins from scratch, and show you how simple it is to get started with Aloha.

As usability is a topic that is always discussed fervently, I'm happy to hear your thoughts on how it's meant to be played, and I'm also going to give a glimpse on where Aloha will be heading in the future.
Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
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