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Single Sign On with TYPO3 - Case Studies

Irene Höppner, Dr. Thomas Schikarski
Author Description:
Irene Höppner is managing director of the A.BE.ZET GmbH in Munich. She is specialized in TYPO3 since seven years. She is co-author of a book for TYPO3-professionals and trainer of two DVD-videotrainings about TYPO3.
Besides TYPO3 v4 she has a deeper eye on FLOW3 and TYPO3 Phoenix.

Dr. Thomas Schikarski is a free IT consultant and TYPO3 extention developer. He is experienced in IT management, design and development of hetergenous networks, and reliability and security issues. He is familiar with organizational as well as technical barriers that influence the feasibility of web based collaboration solutions. He has a profound knowledge about network protocols and cryptographic standards.
A growing number of TYPO3 websites used in internal or external networks are being equipped with functionality that allows customer relationship management, datasharing with collaborators etc. on a per-user basis. In many of these cases TYPO3 is used in addition to other IT systems which also have user authentication mechanisms. To avoid users having to memorize more and more passwords one would like to keep the number of user databases as low as possible.
With the concept of "services" TYPO3 can be enabled to rely on those foreign login systems instead or in addition to the user databases built into TYPO3.
We present several case studies based on real projects which demonstrate various implementations of Single Sign On clients, including backend and/or frontend authentication, connecting to a Windows Active Directory (on Apache and IIS), OpenSSO and Shibboleth. Even Seamless SSO is possible under certain circumstances, i.e. the user that is already authenticated to the network is not required to enter his login credentials again.
Another example shows how TYPO3 can be used as authentication master for other applications.
Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
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