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congstar - Running an entire Web IT on TYPO3

Kian T. Gould
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Kian T. Gould is the founder and managing director of AOE media GmbH. He has over a decade of experience in the installation of complex Internet portals and applications and has been intensely involved with TYPO3 for seven years. During this time he has worked on more than 400 TYPO3 projects. As a Senator in the “Bundesverband für Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft” (Federal Association for Economic Advancement and Foreign Trade) he advises the German Federal Government on Open-Source Technology issues. Kian is the official fundraiser for the TYPO3 association and in charge of marketing for the Enterprise Web CMS, as well as being involved in a variety of TYPO3 Community Projects.
Since July 2007, congstar, a 100% owned subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom, AG has offered its customers cheap broadband Internet access, Internet telephone and cell phone services. The focal point of congstar's offer is that all their products can be picked and mixed at will. This means that congstar can offer customers an ADSL and cell-phone service tailored exactly to their lifestyle.

After having switched to TYPO3 for their Web CMS already in 2008 congstar decided in 2009 to relaunch their entire IT with TYPO3 being the central piece in the entire infrastructure. congstar now runs not only their Web CMS on TYPO3, also their entire e-commerce suite, campaign management, landingpage management, customer self-care and any and all other things you use online when you are a congstar client are now 100% TYPO3 based. An impressive project that took a team of 10 AOE media developers 1,5 years to complete.

An exciting tale about how to push TYPO3 to levels never seen before.
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