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Develope your first Extbase extension (full day)

Felix Oertel
Author Description:
Felix Oertel is developing TYPO3 extensions full time since 2006, from December 2009 as employee at networkteam GmbH, Kiel.

Shortly after starting to use Extbase at work on a daily basis, he got involved in Extbase development and by now Felix Oertel is an Extbase team member. At the same time he is an active TYPO3 community member, hosting and attending hosted TYPO3 v4 Bug-Days and holding talks and sessions about Extbase on occasion.

In addition he is happily married and father of one and a half children (his daughter is to be born three weeks after the TYPO3 Conference 2010 @ Frankfurt).
Want a very short abstract?

We'll build an Extbase-based extension.


We will go through the hole process of developing a domain-driven-designed extbase-based extension. We will get in touch with MVC, Fluid templating, Domain Models, Persistence and ViewHelpers. We will learn how to map foreign tables into our extension and play with DAM images a little.

After this tutorial, participants should be able to write their own extensions and know where to find the appropriate documentation.
Depending on the number of participants we will either develop one extension together or everyone on her/his own.

We will see how the kickstarter works but we will build our extension without to get some more in-depth knowledge on what happens behind the scenes.
Target Audience:
TYPO3 Administrator, DEV
Target OS:
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