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How to use the TYPO3 brand to market TYPO3 related services

Peter Pröll
Author Description:
Peter Pröll has been a webworker since 1995 -- the days of the Mosaic browser. He has worked with TYPO3 since 2004.

In 2007 Peter founded the Alinbu TYPO3 Freelancer Office. The name Alinbu is derived from the first two letters of each word of the German saying "Alles in Butter" meaning "Everything is fine". provides TYPO3 services to web and advertising agencies. Services include implementation, migration, and extension development as well as specialized TYPO3 hosting. Alinbu has worked with a range of clients from small businesses to large organizations including the United Nations.

Peter is a recognized TYPO3 trainer and gives lectures on TYPO3 at the University level.

He is a member of the TYPO3 Association board, the TYPO3 marketing team and co-author of the TYPO3 administrator's guide.

The TYPO3 logo is protected by GPL, TYPO3 itself is a registered trademark. Both can be used (if done in the right way) to show that you provide TYPO3 related services. Peter will introduce you to how this is done and will tell about extended possibilities of how to market TYPO3 related services:

. on page marketing (design, logo use)
. off page marketing (backlinks, presentation as TYPO3 supporter and service provider)
. real live marketing means and gadgets
. exhibitions and talks with support of the TYPO3 marketing team
. organizing events
. TYPO3 usergroup engagement

The second part of this talk is meant to be as open discussion to share your best practices and experiences and to collect input on how the TYPO3 project can even help you more in terms of marketing your services.

Target group:
. web agencies, TYPO3 service providers and freelancer
Target Audience:
Business, Orientation, Community
Target OS:
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