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TYPO3 at - Building Peace in the Mind of the People. CMS challenges in a multinational and multilingual Organisation

Olivier Dobberkau and Chakir Piro
Author Description:
42 years old CEO of d.k.d Internet Service GmbH, Frankfurt.
Using TYPO3 for more than 300 Projects in 10 years. His alterego is the wellknown "Reverend Neverend" an avid TYPO3 evangelist with a special eye and ear for the community.
The UNESCO Internet website is the main tool used to disseminate information about the Organization and its programme of activities. A respected source of information, the UNESCO website is ranked among the top five of UN family websites and receives on average 1.8 million unique visitors (7 million page views) per month.
The Secretariat is located in its Paris headquarters and in 52 field offices around the world, and demands the high availability of the website, a mission critical working tool for the Secretariat and its communities.

In this Talk Chakir Piro (UNESCO) and Olivier Dobberkau (dkd) will give a short overview of the history of the usage of TYPO3 at and how we are migrating more content from an old cms to TYPO3.

We will introduce the setup involved to deploy a multinational and multilingual website with TYPO3. Further on we will describe the requirements of such a project dealing with a large amount of stakeholders, communication channels and international events.

Chakir Piro will describe the role the department he works in to filter and aggregate the needs of the different sectors, field and cluster offices of UNESCO.

We will give practical insights on how organizations can adopt a fast track to deliver daily content to its website visitors.
Target Audience:
Business, Orientation, Community
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